Fast and effective performance of the works is essential in Railway Construction activities. In order to provide safest and most comfortable mode of transport on rails, Demiryapı İnşaat has been actively involved in renovation and construction of tracks and switches starting from ballast laying to proper assembly of rails, sleepers and fasteners as well as regular maintenance of tracks. 

To make transportation more comfortable, we create a continuous length of track by means of professional flash-butt welding machines from the start point to the end point.

We carry out reliable, proper and cost-effective maintenance works throughout Turkey with our professional team and all necessary machinery and equipment to ensure safety in the long term. We continue to exhibit our difference and provide the best service in this sector for years by means of our grinding machines giving a visual feast during the night works to extend the life of new tracks and maintenance of the existing tracks.

  • 1st and 2nd Layer Ballast Supply and Laying
  • Track Laying
  • Supply of Railway Superstructure Materials
  • Flash  Butt Welding
  • Rail Thermit Welding
  • Switch Assembly and Repairs
  • Track Maintenance Works
  • Ballast Cleaning and Maintenance Works
  • Level Crossing Works
  • Stress Measurement Works 
  • Rail Milling Works
  • Rail Grinding Works

Domestic and national production is one of the important policies adopted by our country making efforts to popularize.

With our desire to produce and experienced staff, we continue to produce track machines and catenary machines in our plant, with undeniable contribution to the economy. We aim at becoming the best in this field by enlarging our production scale in the future.

With development of the railway sector in our country, the electrification works have also gained importance and momentum. Installation of electrification systems is needed for more affordable, more comfortable and safer transportation. In this context, we have established our electrification unit in 2013 and successfully completed all works from post foundations and electrification installations to energization and commissioning of the system in all projects we have undertaken.

We are glad that we have fulfilled all of our commitments with our expert teams and within the planned schedule without placing any burden on the Contracting Entities or Main Contracts but mostly supporting them.

  • Construction of Post and Anchor foundations
  • Post erection and adjustment
  • Assembly of parts for electrification installations
  • Assembly, wiring and anchoring of feeder cantilevers
  • Laying of return wire
  • Production of cantilevers in the workshop according to their respective drawings and erection thereof
  • Installation of weight and pulley system
  • Laying and anchoring of messenger wire
  • Laying and anchoring of contact wire
  • Production of droppers in the workshop according to their respective drawings and erection thereof
  • Installation of supply systems
  • Establishment and adjustment of Equipment-Overlap zones
  • Adjustment of all systems
  • Installation of Neutral Zones
  • Installation of Hertz systems
  • Test and commissioning works

   Our ultimate goal is to deliver all these works, by the help of our expert and experienced staff, to our client according to the respective design to allow for smooth operation.


Maintenance of TCDD Conventional Lines, High Speed Train Lines, A2, A3 Group Works for scope of 2 Years

Maintenance of all conventional high-speed train lines in Turkey for two years . As a result of two years of work, we aim to ensure the continuity of the 3,600 km temping, 4,400 km balast profiling, 3,600 km stabilization , 20 km balast cleaning, 100 km  protective grinding, 100 km  survey works and 50 km ultrasonic  to be completed by this project and the continuity of comfortable transportation.

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Alternate Text

"30 pcs of posing track vehicles with a pulling capacity of 100 tons, 20 tons of posing machines with a pulling capacity of 250 tons “

Prototypes have been delivered in 2016 within the scope of the yıl 30 Poses of 30 Tons, 100 Tons of pulling Capacity, Procurement of 20 Tons of pulling capacity with 250 Tons Ton tender, which can not be denied its contribution to the economy with our production enthusiasm and experienced staff.

04machine park

  • 09-32 CAT CENTERTOOL Buraj Makinesi - Tamping Machine.png

    09-32 CAT CENTERTOOL Tamping Machine

  • 09-32 CSM Buraj Makinesi - Tamping Machine.jpg

    09-32 CSM Tamping Machine

  • 09-32 CSM Buraj Makinesi - Tamping Machine2.jpg

    09-32 CSM Tamping Machine

  • 08-275 UNIMAT Makas Buraj Makinesi - 08-275 UNIMAT Switch Tamping Machine.png

    08-275 UNIMAT Switch Tamping Machine

  • AMS 60 Mobil Alın Kaynağı Makinesi - AMS 60 Flash Butt Welding Machine.JPG

    AMS 60 Flash Butt Welding Machine

  • AMS100 Mobil Alın Kaynağı Makinesi - AMS100 Flash Butt Welding Machine.jpg

    AMS100 Flash Butt Welding Machine


    Ballast Finisher

  • Balast Vagonu Ballast Wagon.jpg

    Ballast Wagon

  • DGS 62 N Dinamik Hat Stabilizatörü-DGS 62 N Dynamic Track Stabilizer.png

    DGS 62 N Dynamic Track Stabilizer

  • DGS 90 N Dinamik Hat Stabilizatörü-DGS 90 N Dynamic Track Stabilizer.png

    DGS 90 N Dynamic Track Stabilizer

  • Katener Makinesi Catenary Machine 1.jpg

    Mobile Platform and Crane Catenery Vehicle

  • Katener Makinesi Catenary Machine 2.jpg

    Mobile Platform and Crane Catenery Vehicle

  • Holland Mobil Alın Kaynağı Makinesi.jpg

    HOLLAND Flash Butt Welding Machine

  • LDH 125 Lokomotif - LDH 125 Lokomotive.jpg

    LDH 125 Locomotive

  • Platform Vagon-Platform Wagon.jpg

    Platform Wagon

  • Ray Ekskavatörü - Rail Road Excavator.JPG

    Rail Road Excavator

  • Ray Taşlama Makinesi Grinding Machine (1).jpg

    Grinding Machine

  • Ray Taşlama Makinesi Grinding Machine (4).jpg

    Grinding Machine

  • RM80 Balast Eleme Makinesi - Ballast Cleaning Machine 2 (2).jpg

    Ballast Cleaning Machine

  • SSP-100-Balast-Regülatörü---SSP-100-Ballast-Regulator-1.jpg

    SSP 100 Ballast Regulator

  • SSP-80-Balast-Regülatörü---SSP-80-Ballast-Regulator.jpg

    SSP 80 Ballast Regulator


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